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Let’s Talk About My Skin

Let's Talk About My Skin

To be blunt, I don’t have great skin. It’s been this way for a long time, which is probably why I’m so obsessed with skincare.

I read a lot of blogs/articles/etc. about products and I love them all. But I always wonder–do the people reviewing the products have perfect skin anyway? Every person’s skin is so different, but when deciding if I want a product, I want to know if it will actually work for mine.

This will be short and sweet, but I hope it gives you an idea of the type of skin I have.

My Skin History

I don’t remember exactly when I started breaking out, but I do remember buying concealer for some acne on my cheeks when I was about 11. I was buying skincare products at the department store in high school. I went to the dermatologist a few times in high school. I was on antibiotics and retinol. I tried proactiv. I don’t know if I never had enough patience or what, but nothing really worked for me. I’ve been fortunate to have less acne than some, but anyone who experiences it at all knows that “a few pimples” doesn’t feel like a few. My teenage acne was focused on my cheeks and chin. For some reason I’ve never really gotten much on my forehead.

My Current Skin

Now that I’m 24, my skin has gotten slightly better… but that teenage acne is now adult acne. My cheeks stay clear, but I get hormonal breakouts on my skin and cheeks pretty much all the time. I don’t get cysts. I’m oily/combination, and not too dry.

According to The Renée Rouleau Skin Types, I’m Type 3. According to my PocketDerm (now Curology) doctor, she says “Your main problem areas are in a “hormonal pattern,” as acne involving the chin and jaw areas tends to be associated with an excessive response of the oil glands to normal female hormones. This commonly worsens with the menstrual cycle.”

I have Post-inflammatory Erythema (redness, or dilated capillaries) and Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (brown and implies melanin deposition in the skin), but I know that my current skincare routine and time is all that can help that. After all this time, I know patience really is one of the best things for your skin!

I don’t want to get into my skin care routine or any of the other things I’ve learned along the way, but I hope this was helpful for anyone new to meowplease who is wondering if my reviews can help them. 

If you would like to see my current skin care routine, please refer to this post, where I cover what I use morning and night!

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