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Stop Hormonal Acne with Tea

Spearmint Tea for Hormonal Acne | meowplease

I’ve been drinking a few cups of Spearmint Tea every night now. Why? My Curology dermatologist suggested it.

Breakouts along your jaw and chin can be so frustrating. No matter how many products you use, they just seem stuck there. Most times (and at least for women), that’s because it’s hormones that are causing your issues. After pinpointing¬†hormones as the reason for my jawline breakouts, my doctor suggested birth control or antibiotics. Or, if I want to go another route, Spearmint Tea.

This is what my dermatologist had to say about it:

“…although not proven, there is some convincing evidence that drinking two cups of spearmint tea per day can reduce blood levels of circulating androgens (male-type hormones that all women have). As you may know, androgens trigger oil gland production, and can worsen acne, so reducing levels of circulating androgens through drinking spearmint tea may conceivably help breakout and oiliness! If you want to give this a try, do stick to just two cups per day, as drinking *too much* tea can be harmful!”

It’s only been a few days since I started so no word on how this works out for me. I’ve read a few reviews that seem promising, with the added bonus of less sweat, less body hair, and less oiliness is general. I’ll just be happy if it keeps hormonal acne away!

I bought a pack of Alvita Organic Spearmint Tea, and this seems to be the same brand that many other people are using. It’s organic, inexpensive, and most importantly 100% spearmint!

Note that if you’re a male dealing with breakouts, I wouldn’t suggest trying this unless you talk to a doctor first. Your hormones are much different than us ladies!

I’ll update you in a few weeks with the results!

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