How to Get Your Best Brows

threading before and after

This week, after months of hardly touching my eyebrows I finally got them threaded!

In an effort to grow them into a decent shape, I decided to hold off on too much dangerous plucking. I’ve never tried growth serums, but I have tried castor oil. That seemed to spark some growth, but it also sparked some clogged pores so I decided to stop. The one single thing I’ve found that works best to grow out brows is something you probably won’t like.

It’s time.

I read one great piece of advice on the internet a few months ago that really convinced me to put down the tweezers. I can’t place where I saw it now, but the point was that if you keep plucking your brows, even if it’s outside where you want the hair to grow, you’re not encouraging hair to grow. Eventually, all those little hairs will come together and create the eyebrows you’re after.

That was sage enough advice (however true it is) to encourage me to wait it out a few months.

When I decided it was time, I booked an eyebrow threading appointment with the best lady in the area, and I’ve got to say I’m pretty happy.

The before is my completely bare brow (note that it’s a slightly different angle than the after picture). The after is after threading and makeup (all courtesy of my amazing brow lady).

Even I can’t believe it’s the same eyebrow!

Comment below if you have any questions about threading, I highly recommend it!

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