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Curology 1 Year Update: Adding Tretinoin


It’s been a while since I posted, but I’m back at it and ready to share new things with you. First up, I want to quickly update you on my Curology experience.

I wrote my first post about Curology last year, and while I was seeing success then, my formula has changed and my skin is doing even better. If you aren’t familiar with Curology, I suggest you read the last post I made because that covers the basics.

Anyway, before I changed formulas I was happy that my skin was improving but I was still dealing with breakouts and I still had the red marks they left behind. After so many years dealing with acne I knew I had to be patient, but I reached out to my derm at Curology to see if there were any changes we could make. First, we changed my formula to include tretinoin, a form of retinol (which kicked out the niacinamide from my prescription). This brought me to a formulation of .009% tretionoin, 1% clindamycin, and 9% azelaic acid.

At this point I was concerned that I’d experience the it-gets-worse-before-it-gets-better acne that retinol can cause, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover no bad side effects, not even dryness. I noticed a slight decrease in breakouts and slight increase in the speed of my skin healing.

Again, after a few months I was ready to kick it up again. So in early December (I’ve been on the newest formula for just over a month) my dermatologist increased the tretinoin to .018%, for a final formulation of .018% tretionoin, 1% clindamycin, and 8% azelaic acid.

I’m happy to say there’s been no adverse reactions to the change, but my skin has been doing even better than it did with the first addition of tretinoin. The pimples I get are short lived and if they happen to leave a red mark (which doesn’t happen as often now) that too fades away quickly.

I started Curology in September 2015, when it was still PocketDerm, and I have no plans of stopping. I know this sounds like a total paid ad, but I really am just that happy with it.

If you’re interested in trying Curology, click here to get a free month and free customized trial product (FYI this is a referral code which gives me a few dollars off but also gives you a free month! If you use it I’ll be that much closer to paying off my credit card bill).

Skincare Update

Just to fill you in: on top of the formula change, there are a few other things I’ve changed in my skincare routine since my last update. I’ve been loyal to my routine for a while so not much has changed, but there are a few new additions that I absolutely love. These warrant there own blog post, but I really want to share the basics:

[Cosrx] Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence

I’ve been using this in place of the Sebamed moisturizer I mentioned in my last update. I live where it’s humid and my skin isn’t too dry, so if you need a lot of moisture you’ll have to use something on top on this. I don’t know if it’s making my skin better, but it’s light and doesn’t break me out.

Buy it Here

Shiseido Ibuki Sleeping Beauty  Mask

I’ve been using this for about a month and I love it. Since it is winter here, my skin is a little drier and I wanted something that would plump it back up again. This is relatively affordable for Shiseido products, and had amazing reviews which I now completely agree with. It has a strong scent but it doesn’t bother me. You only need to use a little so it will last a long time, even thought I slather my face and chest with it.

Buy it Here

I also picked up some supplements, but it’s too soon (and I haven’t been scientific enough) to tell if they make any difference:

Evening Primrose

I picked this up after hearing it praised many times–not only for acne, but for ladies in general.

Buy it Here

Hum Nutrition Daily Cleanse

I won’t lie, I half bought from Hum Nutrition just because of the packaging. The reviews were good too, so I went for it. This one is supposed to help your liver and they suggest it for those with acne.

Buy it Here

Hum Nutrition OMG! Omega the Great

I’m vegetarian, but with all the talk about how healthy fish are, I figure taking fish oil pills are the next best thing from actually eating fish. These are also supposed to be great your skin and overall health, but I’m concerned that they are making me more oily than usual.

Buy it Here

If you want to pick up some of the HUM products, use code F5E19. You’ll get $10 off, and I’ll forever love you cause I’ll get $10 off too and afford to buy more!

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    […] Oh and I’m STILL using Curology and loving it. […]

  • Reply Anna April 30, 2019 at 5:00 pm

    I know this is an older post, but maybe I’ll get a reply 🙂
    Just curious about the sleep mask. Do you use it after applying Curology? Or do you alternate days? I’m new to Curology & wasn’t sure if I have to avoid night masks and such now.

    • Reply Joline April 30, 2019 at 5:07 pm

      Hi! So while I no longer use that particular sleep mask, I still use similar things. And yes, I do use it after applying Curology. That sleep mask and any others I use are hydrating, and I’ve heard that can help mitigate the drying effects of Curology. I wouldn’t use anything after that is “active,” meaning nothing exfoliating or anything. So with that said, I don’t think you need to avoid any masks that are hydrating/soothing/etc!

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