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Why You Should Start Epilating Now to Be Hair Free for Summer

On my long quest to find a hair removal solution that I a) stick to (sorry lasers) and b) actually works (bye waxing) I’ve landed upon epilating. Epilation was something of a revolution when it first came out, but then it sort of… faded away. Of course, there’s a reason it fell out of practice–it fucking hurts. But it’s all worth it, I promise, just stay with me.

Start now and there will be no more quickie shaving sessions when you realize you need to wear shorts.

What is epilating?

Epilating is a hair removal method that removes hair from the root. Unlike shaving, epilating removes the whole hair so regrowth is soft and smooth. And unlike waxing, you don’t have to wait until hair is embarrassingly long before removing it. Epilation removes hair as short as just a few millimeters, significantly shorter than what waxing requires. You can stay hair free for just as long as waxing though, approximately 4 weeks.

Because it removes hair from the root, it really does hurt. At least in the beginning. The first time is the worst since you’ve got the most hair to pull out. If you can get past this initial but tolerable session (wine helps), it becomes much less painful the next time.

How does epilating work?

An epilator looks like an electric razor, but where the razor should be you’ll find tweezer like attachments.

Run the end along your leg just like you would if you were shaving, but slower. As the end attachment spins, the little metal clasps grab your hair and pull them out. You’ll feel it happening. It takes a few passes to grab every hair, but the good news is that with each time, there’s less hair to pull and less pain.

Why does epilating beat other hair removal methods?

My skin is sensitive to shaving, often turning bumpy and itchy if I’m not careful. This doesn’t happen with epilating. Still, my skin is highly sensitive, and after a epilating session I end up with what looks like red bug bites all over my legs. It disappears over night, but I would be hesitant to ever epilate if I had to wear shorts within the next 24 hours. The other obvious benefit over shaving is that the hair doesn’t immediately grow back, so you don’t end up with stubbly legs. It beats waxing in that it’s easier to do yourself and you don’t have to wait for long hair regrowth, yet you get the same result.

The first time you use it, it will take the longest. I estimate about an hour per leg. My suggestion is to do both of your lower legs on one night, and the upper legs another night. Don’t forget, it’s just this initial time that takes the longest. After that, it takes about an hour to do everything. Catch up on TV or watch Youtube videos (my activity of choice) while you do it!

I aim to epilate once a week, but it’s suggested that you get into a pattern of epilating every 4 weeks. This is because you want to hijack your hair’s growth cycle so you’ll be hair free in between epilations. Do whatever works for you!

I use the Braun Silk-epil 9 epilator. At around $100, it’s more expensive than other options, but I love it and I highly suggest it. While I haven’t tried others, reviews say that the extra cost equals better results. The Silk-epil 9 can be used wet or dry, though I prefer to use it dry. It has a bright light that lets you catch every single tiny hair, as unsettling as it can be. This epilator comes with a few attachments, but I generally stick to the basic one. Bonus, it can be used as an electric shaver! I sometimes use it on my face, too, which makes makeup application a breeze.

Have you tried epilating, or do you have any questions? Let me know below! And I’m always looking for tricks to make it easier, so leave those below, too!

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