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I first encountered a Japanese Salux Wash Cloth during a random purchase years and years ago. Maybe my mom bought it for me, maybe I grabbed it on accident. It quickly molded in the corner of the shower.

Recently, I read an article about how it helped achieve the writer silly smooth skin. I immediately ordered it from Amazon.

The cloth was just like the one from years past. This time, I knew that it wasn’t just a weird shower accessory, but an exfoliator from the gods. Now, I hang it religiously from my shower rod every time I use it to keep it fresh and always ready to use.

The Salux wash cloth is made from a rough–but not too harsh–material. Loaded with soap, it produces that covetable thick foam. The swath of fabric is large, about 3 by 1.5 feet, so it’s perfect for shimmying up and down your back, under your thighs, and everywhere in-between.

Aside from the occasional dry brushing, the Salux is my favorite way to exfoliate. Body scrubs can feel luxorious, but they are best left to special occasions. I find they often end up with a pool of water in the jar or dropped all over the tub floor. The Salux stands by as a trusty friend who is guaranteed to scrub you clean.

The best part? It’s affordable. For three, it comes in under $12 on Amazon (my preferred method of shopping). Pick it up in pink, yellow or blue (I use Pink). If you don’t believe me, believe Amazon. With over 877 reviews and a 4.7 rating (as of this writing) you know it’s got to be good.

Click here to buy your own!

Want to be smooth beyond belief? Try tearing out all of your leg hair with an epilator (seriously, I recommend it).

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