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REVIEW: NARS All Day Luminous Foundation (Plus Video!)

I had a few misconceptions before I picked up NARS All Day Luminous Foundation, misconceptions that originally kept me from trying it in the first place.

1- It would make me look too oily… it has the word luminous in the title after all.
2- It wouldn’t have enough coverage for my acne-prone and hyper-pigmented skin.

The foundation came out in 2015, but it’s been talked about so much I just assumed it’d been around forever. Even though I heard about it often, I never thought it might be something I would try (see misconceptions above).

[Keep scrolling to see the video!]

In a moment of desperation, I looked at reviews and realized it was everything I was looking for in a foundation. The liquidy texture dries down to full, weightless coverage. The luminous only describes the way it keeps your skin from looking too flat. And with only a drop or two, your skin is evened out and beautiful.

After using it for the first time, I’ve found it takes more than a drop or two (at least for my skin), but all the other claims have proven true. My favorite part is that it looks like skin and feels like skin. I have it in shade Santa Fe and it’s a perfect match. I applied with both a brush and my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge (a BeautyBlender dupe) and found that I preferred the sponge. It doesn’t cover my blemishes 100%, but that’s okay. I’d rather target acne and scars with a concealer and let my clear skin shine through. I also like that it doesn’t look flaky around my normally dry spots, although a primer here helps. I do feel the need to powder afterward, not because of the texture, but because it leaves a slight sheen. It’s perfect for the cheeks, but it’s not the finish I want for my T-zone.

After about 6 hours of wear I checked my makeup again and noticed that I was looking a little oily and the foundation was slightly separating, but it wasn’t too bad or unfixable. I applied NYX Finishing Power with my Real Techniques Makeup Sponge and it looked brand new again.

I’m so happy to have found this foundation, it will be my new everyday foundation for sure. For the first time ever, I filmed a quick video. I thought it might be helpful to see how well the foundation works, rather than just hearing me tell you.

Pick up NARS Luminous All Day Luminous Foundation for $49 (for 1oz) from Sephora.

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