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Hi Again! Recent Favorite Skincare Products and Tips

Hi! So it’s been a while since I’ve posted (mostly due to laziness, focusing on other projects) but I am back again. For now. I’ve been seriously inspired by the wacko 90’s instagram stickers so I weirded out the page header. I’m fine that it now takes like 10 extra seconds for the page to load. Totally worth it.

Anyway, despite my small hiatus from writing about beauty, I’ve still been spending loads of time learning about—and trying not to spend loads of money—new skincare and make-up products.

Before I get into those, a minor rant.

Every few months I decide I don’t want to own things anymore. Usually this is precipitated by a week of no cleaning, in which I get to see all my belongings pile up on the floor. So, I dig into drawers, dust off my shelves, and go full Konmari method on my belongings. Honestly, thanking a shirt I only wore twice for giving me a fleeting moment of joy makes it easier to get rid of (check out some of the clothes I’m selling on Poshmark!). The reason I’m telling you all this is because I end up doing the same thing to my skincare routine. My makeup routine is set, and in another post I’ll get into that. But at the moment I’m facetiming my sister while she tries to do an online eye exam, even though she doesn’t need to, because it is free. Also, doctors are the worst.

So my point is that instead of trying to use a million products, I’m just trying to focus on the few that really, truly work. I’ve also adopted the philosophy that what I do to my skin should be adding to it (hydrating, nurturing, vitaminizing) rather than stripping. Which is really hard when I just want to clean my skin of all the dead skin cells and oil and blemishes and come out with skin like a tiny baby (but uh, I think babys get acne too. That sucks).

Here’s a few products and tips that I’ve picked up within the last few months that really really work.

Cosrx Triple C Lightning Liquid

Oh my god, this stuff. It should be called liquid gold, but there’s already a product called that. I guess lightning liquid makes sense because nothing has ever brightened dark spots faster than this has. I’ve used vitamin C products before but none seemed to affect my skin like Cosrx’s. Within a couple weeks of using, I noticed the dark marks I had left over—from acne, not Voldemort–were faded. I apply this all over after toner but before retinol, paying close attention to discolorations and any blemishes.

Using less acid(s)

I shouldn’t even be making this joke, because I am too scared to ever try acid. I’m all about acid on the face though, but lately I’ve been cutting back. I also thought my skin was more resilient than other peoples from years of torturing it, and in a way I still believe that. But skin is skin, and being plummeted with AHAs and BHAs and Lactic and Glycolic and whatever other acids is probably not good for it. I used to use Paula’s Choice 2% BHA liquid every morning, and P50 every night. Now, I use them every few days. They are still some of my favorite products though, and you should definitely buy them.

Does your skin hate water?

I never knew what to think when people claimed that water was making their skin bad. Now, I think I get it. I stopped cleansing my face in the morning and I think my skin has gotten better. Now, I just cleanse with Son & Park Beauty Water in the morning, rather than full on cleanser..

Other mentions! This post is already way longer than I planned and I am ready to get ready for bed, so quickly! I’ve also started using….

Son & Park Beauty Water: Morning and night to clean my skin! I’m almost done with the bottle and I’m planning on repurchasing.

Dr. Jart Cicapair Tiger Grass Re:Pair Serum: Every morning before makeup. It makes my skin less red and I think it’s helping with breakouts, too. I’m almost done with this one and I’ll probably give my skin a break in between repurchasing to see what happens.

Hanskin Real Complexion Hyaluron Skin Essence: I needed something moisturizing but light and the advertising around this product really pulled me in. I like it! But I’m just a few weeks into using it and have a ton of product left. Still, I recommend.

Oh and I’m STILL using Curology and loving it.

AHHHH I forgot! I started taking DIM supplements. I noticed a huge change when I started, and it’s been over a month and I’m still happy with my skin. Okay, this will be a whole post soon, but like I said I GOTTA GO.

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