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Laser Hair Removal 101

In 5th grade, with a dose of confidence and after many rehearsed conversations, I asked my mom if I could shave my legs.

She said no.

While I’m sure the 26-year-old me would agree with her, the 5-year-old me did not. I thought my legs were too hairy, the hair too dark. They didn’t look like the legs of my friends, who I’m sure were already shaving theirs. So after some crying and begging, I got my way. Continue Reading

Skin Care

I LOVE DIM, or, how this pill stops breakouts

Obsession with supplements runs in the family. My grandma’s bathroom counter is stacked 3 rows high of various bottles. I think she’s had some of them since I’ve known her (aka 26 years aka my whole life). My sister, at age 20, had one…

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Hi Again! Recent Favorite Skincare Products and Tips

Hi! So it’s been a while since I’ve posted (mostly due to laziness, focusing on other projects) but I am back again. For now. I’ve been seriously inspired by the wacko 90’s instagram stickers so I weirded out the page header. I’m fine that…

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Review: The Ordinary Skincare Products

Discovering The Ordinary was a bit like finding something incredible in the bargain bin—which I’ve altogether given up on because it’s so picked over and everything good is gone. Not so with The Ordinary, a skincare line (now with makeup!) that sells simple products…

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The Moisturizer That Lets You Skip Perfume

With the moisturizing properties of the original in a thick, whipped soufflé formula, it's already a winner. But what pushes this moisturizer from participant ribbon to gold is the warm, creamy, cozy-sweater-on-a-breezy-beach scent. I don't know what soy milk smells like, nor would I…

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Buy This, Smooth Every Square Inch of Skin

The Salux wash cloth is made from a rough–but not too harsh–material. Loaded with soap, it produces that covetable thick foam. The swath of fabric is large, about 3 by 1.5 feet, so it's perfect for shimmying up and down your back, under your…

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Go SLS-Free for Clear Skin

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, aka SLS, is in almost everything that bubbles. But it can also mess with your skin. While SLS isn’t necessarily a “bad” ingredient. In products like toothpaste and shampoo, it’s used as a detergent and creates those lovely suds. It also…