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My Daily Skin Care Routine / January 2016

In recent months, I’ve had huge success with improving my skin and stopping breakouts. I’m very excited about it and ready to continue keeping clear and tackling the red marks acne left behind! There are a few factors I think heavily contributed to clearing…

threading before and after

How to Get Your Best Brows

This week, after months of hardly touching my eyebrows I finally got them threaded! In an effort to grow them into a decent shape, I decided to hold off on too much dangerous plucking. I’ve never tried growth serums, but I have tried castor…

Spearmint Tea for Hormonal Acne | meowplease
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Stop Hormonal Acne with Tea

I’ve been drinking a few cups of Spearmint Tea every night now. Why? My Curology dermatologist suggested it. Breakouts along your jaw and chin can be so frustrating. No matter how many products you use, they just seem stuck there. Most times (and at…

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11 Tricks I’ve Learned That Keep Breakouts at Bay

I’ve been dealing with acne in some form or another for the past 10 years and along the way I’ve learned a lot. While I’m still working on finding the perfect products and working on a routine that gives me completely clear skin, these…

Let's Talk About My Skin
Skin Care

Let’s Talk About My Skin

To be blunt, I don’t have great skin. It’s been this way for a long time, which is probably why I’m so obsessed with skincare. I read a lot of blogs/articles/etc. about products and I love them all. But I always wonder–do the people…

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My Holy Grail Lip Product

There’s a reason I just rebought a $25 lip balm for the third time. It’s because through all my Lip Smackers, Chapstick, Nivea, Softlips, Burt’s Bees and more, it’s the only thing that I finish off every time. Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment…